Wake up and smell the daisies

Is it a sign of global warming do you think, that I have snowdrops flowering on January 1st at the same time as bluebells, daisies and my apple tree has buds?

Our resident hedgehog hasn’t hibernated and I saw a butterfly this week.

What have we done and when will people wake up?

Climate change isn’t propaganda and it isn’t something in the far off future. This change isn’t a natural cycle (they do occur, just not at this rate) and we can make a difference by changing our behaviour but it is a chicken and egg process…

Technologies will only improve and get cheaper when we start using them… So governments need to stop giving money to banks and start investing in technologies for our future … While we still have one.

…and we need to take responsibility for our own future too… Stop driving overweight children 100m to school, turn our heating down a bit, turn off lights, don’t waste food – help the environment and guess what?! Save money!!!!!

It’s win-win and time people realised it…

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