3 thoughts on “Website Portfolio Launched under a New Domain!

  1. I totally love your designs, they’re fresh and clean. I am a graphic design student at the art institute of Dallas, web design has always interested me. can I ask you what got you interested in Wed design? What are your inspiration and motivations?
    I’d love to be at your level come day.
    best regards.

  2. Thanks Enoc!

    Its always great to get really good feedback and put a smile on my face!
    How long have you been studying design? What is your style?

    In reply to your questions…

    I’ve been a really addicted internet user since before google (yes I’m that old!) and started designing when I kept finding sites that didn’t look so great and were difficult to use. I felt I could do better – maybe I do, I’m not sure, but I feel I’m learning all the time and read and study a lot. I

    … also feel that the internet doesn’t just offer a place to supply information or services – but provides an experience for the user, and why shouldn’t that be pleasant and exciting? I take inspiration from art and graphic design and some of the genius web designers out there who produce really exciting sites which make you want to engage with the site, to click options, to see where you will go next and what you will see. I love sites that treat the visitor as more than just a ‘customer buying a product’ but as a real visitor to an environment that has been created, I think some of the most effective sites treat the visitor like an old friend, that are informal and use humour.

    Some of my current favourites are linked on my portfolio…

    …sorry I’ve rambled on….

    Again thank you – its nice someone likes what I do.


  3. Thanks for answering, i appreciate it very much. Its nice to see that people out there are trying to produce good art.
    Well I’ve been in school for close to 4 years, i got my Associates, and in about a year i’ll get my Bachelors.
    And my style changes depending on the project obviously, but if i could, i would only paint conceptual pieces.
    good luck with your next projects.
    keep up the good work.


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