WordPress 5k – I did it!!

Dromore Woods - Fallen tree

I can’t run, can’t even jog – at least that’s what my gym teacher always told me!

So I made up my mind (somewhere about the age of 12) that I wasn’t made for running and so I didn’t.


It might sound very very cheesy but I was watching the biggest loser last year and will never forget the episode with oneal (300+lbs with destroyed knees) running in a challenge, the agony was etched on his face and if anyone ‘couldnt run’ it was him, yet he didn’t give up, he kept going, and kept going, and kept going…

It was then I decided if a guy that weighed more than 3x my weight and who hardly had knee joints could run and succeed at it, then I had absolutely no right to say I couldnt do it – I actually felt ashamed.

So that week I had a go at my first run… Nothing ground breaking a 2k …. I managed it, thought I was going puke… But finished that little circuit… So I set myself a goal (even told my wonderful life coach Nick so I was contracted!) that I’d do a marathon.  Now I’m realistic I can’t go from couch to 26 miles overnight, so I hope to a marathon by 2013/2014 but this year my goal is a 10k.

How does WWWP5K Figure?

Now work and study these last 5-6 months have been nuts and I’ve barely gotten to train at all, so when I saw the post about the WordPress 5k I thought ok! That’s half way 🙂 I’ll try that!

So today I dragged my poor hubby out and we headed to the beautiful Dromore Woods in Co Clare, which is perfect because it has about 4/5 marked routes at different distances and we opted for a combination of the green and pink routes totalling exactly 5k.  If you’ve never been to Dromore Woods it is incredibly pretty, natural (ish) woodland around a lake with paths winding through the woods.  It’s the first time I’ve been at this time of year and the place was carpeted with flowers, bluebells, orchids, aquilegia – it was stunning and made the pain worth while 🙂

I did it!

So despite the wheezing and sore legs, I made it round and did a total of 5.25k!! And I’m really really pleased with myself 🙂 its the most I have ever run, ever, in my life!

I mapped my route on mapmyfitness and you can view it here… Its a lovely place so please if you’re in the area do visit it 🙂

Its not a marathon but it’s a start and it’s also one in the eye for my old gym teacher who said I was useless.

I won’t pretend to be a running guru, in fact I’m probably the exact opposite, I’m a tech nerd couch spud… but I expect there’s a hell of a lot of people out there who won’t or don’t run because they either had horrendous experiences at school or someone said they were bad at it – take it from me, it isn’t easy, I usually want to throw up or collapse, but I feel great – and spent a lovely [free] hour in the woods burning some calories and enjoying some fresh air – so what have you to lose?

Thank you WWWP5K for kicking me up the bum today, getting me away from html code and outside.

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