Facebook Camera – Poor Man’s Instagram

I know Facebook bought Instagram – but what were they thinking bringing out Facebook Camera their new photo sharing app?

instagramInstagram is loved for its simplicity

Instagram is wildly popular because its perfectly simple, beautiful and extremely easy to use, share and engage with other photo enthusiasts, you don’t need to form relationships, simply appreciate their art and let them know with a simple double tap.  The filters are nice, not over fussy and really allow you turn your snaps into works of art easily… the menus and feeds are slick, simple and intuitive.

Facebook have taken that concept and stamped it with annoying feature after annoying feature – and its ugly!

It took me exactly 5 minutes to decide I hated it and deleted it off my iPhone.


The BIGGEST problem I have is that is forces you use location services – there seems to be no reason – except that Facebook insist on it – I have a major problem with that, I absolutely do not want every photo I take to have my whereabouts on it, I don’t like it from a privacy point of view and I don’t like from a security point of view.

..and facebook camera hangs again...

I’m not sure how it adds any value to your facebook account, its basically your facebook feed but only showing posts with images attached, and that includes every single annoying post from spammy apps with images – I don’t want to look at this!!

I’m not sure where they were going with the formatting and styling of this (or they didn’t bother with style at all) it works only in portrait and the images are a fraction wider than the feed, which gives it a look of not having been styled properly – maybe this was the intention, but I’m not sure why.

It claims to have filter and editing features (like Instagram) except what it really seems to have is different shades of wishy washy colours and a crop tool – WOW they invested that IPO money wisely!

…and finally perhaps they should have fully tested the app before launch because it hung 3 times on my phone and needed re-installing.

Don’t get me wrong, I generally like Facebook, but Instagram does something really really well, Facebook now own it, so why oh why try to do something similar so badly?!

I sincerely hope that Facebook do not try to mess with Instagram, its popular for what it is and should not be changed… and certainly not copied….

Facebook – please ditch this app it does you no credit at all!

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