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I'm a web developer and designer living in the Burren in beautiful Co Clare. I have have a passion for all things 'design' - patterns, pictures, decor, paintings... and take that into my passion for baking - if you're going to bake a cake - make it a cool cake to look at! I'm starting my blog with a blank canvas and plan to spill thoughts, mumblings, rants and share things I know - my favourite recipes, reviews, ideas... I hope you like it and I hope you come back.

10 things to do with stylish dinosaurs

vogues dinosaur

OK… really just one, but I’ve had so much fun with this one – I thought I’d share.

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a fashion website.

Visit Vogue UK and enter the konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) on any page and enjoy a saucy little velociraptor run across the screen…. and what’s even cheekier about this extinct fashionista is the fact it’s wearing a different hat!

It’s utterly pointless, I know, but you just can’t help yourself…. not sure if this was slipped in by a bored web developer or Vogue intended it (would seem a little left of field for them mind) either way – it’s fun….


this is so very true, at least for me it is… I find unless a project really and truly engages me either in my own core values, passions, interests or area of expertise it’s difficult to give that extra effort you would to one of your own projects or goals.

Greg Canty Fuzion Blog

A few months ago I found myself having a coffee in town on a Saturday morning chatting with an old school buddy who I hadn’t see in thirty years. We had connected on LinkedIn and it was as if those thirty years had disappeared in a flash.

I always thought he was “sound”, one of the good guys and in truth not a whole pile had changed – both of us had done a lot of living in between but we were essentially the same two school mates – we had a good laugh recalling stories about our teachers and football matches we had played in. I had a photo of our “winning” team in some school tournament and there we were the two of us in our red kit!

Both of us have done well in our varied careers and he was in the early stages of a new…

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