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I'm a web developer and designer living in the Burren in beautiful Co Clare. I have have a passion for all things 'design' - patterns, pictures, decor, paintings... and take that into my passion for baking - if you're going to bake a cake - make it a cool cake to look at! I'm starting my blog with a blank canvas and plan to spill thoughts, mumblings, rants and share things I know - my favourite recipes, reviews, ideas... I hope you like it and I hope you come back.

A Small Antidote to Sadness

while we are all still reeling from the shootings in Aurora Denver, and the senselessness of it all and while we witness the memorial in Norway on the anniversary of yet another massacre, another senseless destruction of life and future and we all send sympathy and love those affected by these awful tragedies…

Oslo and Denver seem so far away for many us such tragedy can become a distance thing.

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