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this is so very true, at least for me it is… I find unless a project really and truly engages me either in my own core values, passions, interests or area of expertise it’s difficult to give that extra effort you would to one of your own projects or goals.

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A few months ago I found myself having a coffee in town on a Saturday morning chatting with an old school buddy who I hadn’t see in thirty years. We had connected on LinkedIn and it was as if those thirty years had disappeared in a flash.

I always thought he was “sound”, one of the good guys and in truth not a whole pile had changed – both of us had done a lot of living in between but we were essentially the same two school mates – we had a good laugh recalling stories about our teachers and football matches we had played in. I had a photo of our “winning” team in some school tournament and there we were the two of us in our red kit!

Both of us have done well in our varied careers and he was in the early stages of a new…

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A Small Antidote to Sadness

while we are all still reeling from the shootings in Aurora Denver, and the senselessness of it all and while we witness the memorial in Norway on the anniversary of yet another massacre, another senseless destruction of life and future and we all send sympathy and love those affected by these awful tragedies…

Oslo and Denver seem so far away for many us such tragedy can become a distance thing.

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WordPress 5k – I did it!!

Dromore Woods - Fallen tree

I can’t run, can’t even jog – at least that’s what my gym teacher always told me!

So I made up my mind (somewhere about the age of 12) that I wasn’t made for running and so I didn’t.


It might sound very very cheesy but I was watching the biggest loser last year and will never forget the episode with oneal (300+lbs with destroyed knees) running in a challenge, the agony was etched on his face and if anyone ‘couldnt run’ it was him, yet he didn’t give up, he kept going, and kept going, and kept going… Continue reading WordPress 5k – I did it!!