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Instagram Speaks Out On Users’ Concerns About TOS Changes, Will There Be A Beacon-Like Apology?

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As you might have been following this week, Instagram and Facebook made changes to its terms of service and privacy policy that allows Facebook to sell access to user’s photos for advertising purposes.

This is much like the backlash that happened with Beacon, in which CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an apology from the company in 2007. Today, Instagram has responded in a tweet, suggesting that it would be sharing more soon, based on its user’s concerns.

The company also posted on Facebook.

What will come of this, we’re not sure of yet. But the fact of the matter is that as more people learn about what the terms of service changes mean, the more uncomfortable they are with sharing photos on the service.

People from prominent Twitter users to Mark Zuckerberg’s own sister, have shared their concern about the changes. Here’s what Zuckerberg said in his Beacon…

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Facebook Camera – Poor Man’s Instagram

I know Facebook bought Instagram – but what were they thinking bringing out Facebook Camera their new photo sharing app?

instagramInstagram is loved for its simplicity

Instagram is wildly popular because its perfectly simple, beautiful and extremely easy to use, share and engage with other photo enthusiasts, you don’t need to form relationships, simply appreciate their art and let them know with a simple double tap.  The filters are nice, not over fussy and really allow you turn your snaps into works of art easily… the menus and feeds are slick, simple and intuitive.
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